Irene Wavinya

Semba Semba Presenter (Musyi FM)

Irene Wavinya, alias Mwiitu wa Muthiani or Mwiitu wa Isele has been our evening presenter (Semba Semba) for as long as Musyi has been. With Wavinya behind the microphone, your day after work will be so soothed such that you do not remember any hustles that you had at work. Saying that she has the energy required for the evening drive is not an understatement. Her sweet, witty voice will kill you with humor.

Her laughter that will definitely take your stress away is so addictive that you’ll even laugh before she ends her joke. Her informative nature juiced with her jokes that never get extinct keeps her listeners so loyal and yearning for that time Wavinya will be on-air.

Wavinya who is a go-getter, very industrious and a strong believer that even the sky is not her limit, ensures that she achieves whatever she sets her eyes on. Her show that handles topical social-economic as well political issues is usually spiced with new liners and drops.

She also handles our weekly love zone – Nyangilika. The show that has a great following has brought many warring couples together, strengthened many relationships and has given wise advice for dating couples. To her, a healthy relationship is one where love blossoms.

The Semba Semba Queen is very passionate about the girl child (Kana Kaka) and always strongly fights and condemns defilement, early marriage and teenage pregnancy while on air. She loves photos and will always pose for a photo anywhere, any time.
One of the most generous and outgoing in the team and a staunch Catholic, Wavinya has many friends both in the company and beyond and you know what? She always knows someone who knows someone. Need any help? She’ll get you connected.
Her hobbies include philanthropy, adventure, listening to radio, football, dancing, mceing and motivational speaking.

Social Media
Facebook: Irene Wavinya Mwiitu wa Muthiani
Instagram: @wavinya_wa_muthiani