Ramogi TV

Ramogi TV is a 24 – hour television station tailored for the Luo speaking audience as the primary target. The Luo are the 4th largest community in Kenya with a population of 5,066,966, according to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census. The Tanzanian Luo population is estimated at 1.9million while in Uganda the Luo …

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Citizen TV

Citizen TV (with an average daily reach of 21.3%, based on the latest KARF report)  is the leading television station in Kenya. It is the flagship brand of Royal Media Services and was founded in 1990 by Dr. S.K. Macharia as a private station. Citizen TV broadcasts in English and Kiswahili to audiences in Kenya, …

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Inooro TV

Inooro TV (with 17.2% reach in Central province and 5.1% national reach, based on the latest KARF report) is the leading vernacular television station by reach and market share in Kenya. Established in October 2015, the vision of Inooro TV was to tell local stories in vernacular by International Standards and through such a vision …

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