Emily Gacheru wa Mwirigi

Mid-morning & Tutharimane (MuugaFM)

She is commonly known by her stage name Gacheru wa Mwirigi.

Gacheru wa Mwirigi hosts the Mid-morning show together with her co-presenter Munene wa Kagwii. She is full of humor which she incorporates in her controversial topics on the show leaving her audience glued to the radio.

She is versatile in both self and style and this is reflected in her impeccable work ethic as well as her mastery of the Kimeru language in various dialects.

Emily is very passionate about the upbringing of the boy child and works tirelessly to regain the lost African values that nurtured young men.

A top MC in her own right, Emily’s infectious smile is unmatched.

She hosts a gospel show by the name Tutharimane (which loosely translates to “Let’s bless each other”) every Sunday.

HOBBIES: Listening to music.