Christine Ndanu

Musyi FM presenter

Also known as Kadot, Christine Ndanu is the station head and one of the pioneer presenters having joined Musyi FM in 2005.

Through her leadership and teamwork skills. ‘Kadot’ as we fondly refer to her, has seen the station grow to become the voice and the number one station in Lower Eastern.

Throughout her entire stay at Musyi FM, Ndanu has handled various shows and this has given her the prowess to handle almost every show i the station. Ask Ndanu anything and she’ll either tell you first hand or refer to her records as she’s always reading, doing lots of research and archiving most stuff. Ask her to retrieve your past station-related data, and there you got it! Even if it dates back yo 2011 Christmas working rota!  In most occasions, Ndanu will tel, it as it is and her honest nature has won her the tag “The most trusted” where money matters. She’s the team’s treasurer, in whatever monetary contribution the team has.

Ndanu is also in the front-line championing for a society where children are taken to school and child abusers brought to book.

As the team’s leader, Ndanu, who likes pulling surprises and keeping her private life to herself, always seeks the views and feelings of the team before making crucial decisions.
She believes in prior communication and appeals to the team to behave as the communicators they are. With Titus as Mr. Perfectionist, Ndanu, who also like him has a gap between her upper front teeth, is definitely Miss Perfectionist. She hardly behaves the person she is not, and usually tells it as it is.
Her hobbies include reading, singing, watching news, travelling and online research.

Social Media
Facebook: Christine Ndanu Kadot
Instagram: @k.a.d.o.t.ndanu