Chamgei FM

Chamgei fm is a Kalenjin radio station talking to the nine Kalenjin sub-tribes that is: The Kipsigis, Nandi, Keiyo, Tugen, Sengwer, Marakwet, Sabaot, Terik and Pokot.

These sub tribes are one of Kenya’s biggest and economically endowed communities.

The name of the station was derived from the Kalenjin word CHAMGEI which translates to “how are you” and has brought together the Kalenjin people as a global community thus we pride ourselves as MUGULELDAB KALENJIN, the stations slogan to mean “the heart of Kalenjin“ Chamgei FM recognizes the deep Kalenjin culture and this is reflected in its programming.

The station also runs educative and informative features seasoned with top Kalenjin music.

Why Listen to Us:

  • It is the number one Kalenjin Radio Station in the Rift in terms of content programming, we are consistent in our programming.
  • Language of Broadcast is Kalenjin, which connects well with our Target audience.
  • Diversity of our presenters enables the station to cater for the diverse sub- tribes we have across the Kalenjin Land.
  • Our Programming caters for all our audiences, from Educative, informative to entertainment shows.Each segment is tailor made to suit the different Target audiences.
  • Have the best comedians: this ensures that our audience gets the best of well blended programmes with humour, it keeps the audience glued to our station.
  • We pride ourselves in giving our listeners the best music: if you want to listen to top hits…listen to chamge fm.. we also have the best oldies..this kind of music gives the station a sense of originality…rich culture based music.
  • We have a unique connection through live call ins, SMS, face book, road shows, shabiks day, church visit, CSR, agricultural shows, sporting events & cultural events.


Chamgei FM broadcasts in Nairobi and the entire Rift Region

  • Nairobi-90.4FM
  • North Rift-97.5FM
  • South Rift-90.2fm and 95.0fm
  • Nakuru and Baringo-95.0FM.
  • Our online audience can stream live on and via the Citizen Radio app which is available on both PlayStore and AppStore