Muuga FM

At a Glance

Muuga broadcasts in Kimeru and is set in conformity with the strong and conservative Kimeru culture.

We have strong personalities who connect well with and understand the lifestyle and values of our audience.

Muuga Fm programming comprises quality entertainment, informative features, news, sports and interactive talk shows.

Who we are

Muuga FM is a pure Meru station that broadcasts in Nairobi, Thika and Murang’a on 94.2FM, Meru region and Ukambani on 88.9FM, and Timau on 106.0 FM. The term “Muuga” means ‘How are you?’. It is the common greetings of the Ameru people.

The station’s programming is mature, informative and skewed towards the lifestyle of the audience. This makes it believable and therefore popular with adult spenders. It provides news, interactive shows, entertainment (comedy, music and theatre), thus satisfying the need for peace of mind during and after work. The station also focuses on culture and the identity of the Meru.

Muuga FM was started in order to address the needs of the Ameru who were not conversant with the other languages of broadcasting available to them. It offers entertainment through local Kimeru music, information through programs that address different issues affecting them, and an interactive forum whereby the listeners are given a chance to air their views and concerns. Muuga FM programs are fashioned to meet the needs of the individual listeners, and provide them with sufficient information to help them improve their livelihoods.


  • Nairobi 94.2FM
  • Meru 88.9FM
  • Timau 106.0FM