Titus Muli

News Anchor (Musyi FM)

Meet the tallest guy in the team, Titus Muli or rather Captain T.  With a beautiful gap between his upper front teeth, he can afford a smile when he feels like, though he’s otherwise the most serious chap in the entire crew.

Call him in the middle of typing a story and you’ll be in for a rude shock! He’ll only get back to you when he’s done.

Titus is our lead news anchor and heads the news department. You’ll mostly meet him from dawn till the day breaks, and believe me; you won’t stop listening to his voice when he anchors the morning session news.

He joined Musyi in 2005, being one of the pioneers in Musyi. Titus is a hardworking man who takes his work very seriously and always plans ahead to meet deadlines.

Give any assignment/task, and Titus will be the first to complete it. He always ensures that he achieves most of his goals, and if you like, call him Mr. Perfectionist.

When it comes to keeping time, Muli is no joke. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiitus Muli is usually his sign off.

His hobbies include listening to Lingala and Rhumba music, and meeting new friends.