Stella Nkatha Rintaugu

Presenter (MuugaFM)

Nkatha wa Rintaugu is the current host of the early morning gospel show, Kembura Nkoro, that airs from 4am to 6am Monday to Friday on Muuga fm.

Her passion for radio and preaching the true gospel of Christ has been her key to success and revels in blessing people’s lives with prayers and the word of God before the crack of dawn.

She is the pioneer of washa washa kigooco live, that airs every Sunday from 10am to 1pm, with a band comprising of Kirkland Murangiri, Vincent Mwanthi and Peninah Mapesa.

Her fans follow these shows religiously.

Nkatha has perfected her knowledge of the creative world after working with the department for more than 5 years, during which she has been involved in scripting of creative commercials and station promos. She is a prolific voice over as well.

Nkatha’s love for photography led her to starting her company Sleek media-productions that looks to tell people’s stories through video and photography.

Her everyday prayer, is to make a positive impact in the lives of people that listen to her and those that interact with her.

Hobbies: Storytelling, listening to Music and dancing.