Stanley Sugut

Karonet Nemie host (Chamgei FM)

Stanley Arap Sugut is a trained journalist with more than ten years of experience in the media industry.

He is an inspiration/mentor in production and presentation of various radio programs, news and features. He is a news anchor with his rich commanding voice.

Stanley also hosts a weekly gospel show entitled “Karonet Nemie” (Blessed morning) every Sunday 5 am to 9 am which is an inspirational Program incorporating bible trivia, biblical encouragements and gospel artist one-on-one interviews.

Before joining Chamgei FM as a Radio programs producer/Presenter, he worked for Sayare Radio and Television Network – Eldoret and Bibilia Husema Broadcasting Nairobi.

Stanley has held leadership positions which include Associate Head Kalenjin Radio broadcast at Sayare Radio, Eldoret, and News Editor at Bibilia Husema Broadcasting, Nairobi.

He is a musical instrumentalist and an inspirational speaker.

His hobbies include music, reading and traveling.