Scholastica Biwott

News Presenter (Chamgei FM)

Scholastica Biwott is an outspoken Kenyan Journalist who does things her own way.

Currently she works for Chamgei FM as a News Presenter and also does a cry for justice feature popularly known as Rirekab Iman. This feature focuses on the plight of Kalenjin community and tends to bring the unfortunate situations to the lime light.

She does mentorship programs in schools focusing on young girls and boys as a way of giving back to the society and also as a learning experience.

Her hobbies are travelling,cooking and Reading.

Her ultimate Goal is to bring to light the plight of those who seem to have been forgotten by the government so as to be given an equal opportunity in terms of resource distribution.

She does assist the youth in understanding what is expected of them and do what is right for them to achieve their ambitions/dreams.

Social Media
Facebook: Scholastica Biwott
Twitter: @scholabiwott