Muthoni Mukiri

Hwaini & Miaraho (InooroTV))

Muthoni Mukiri is a Media Personality,
An easy going, passionate journalist cum business woman with a love for fashion and immense passion about the youth.

Mukiri is one of the Pioneering News Anchors on INOOROTV. With a good command of Kikuyu, English and Swahili languages. She anchors the Prime time news alongside Ken Wakuraya.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism she has managed to venture into the mainstream media. Having started her career in the media 6 years ago at a local radio station as a voice over artist.

‘KWIITURURA’ One of her premium show features the youth highlighting the youth success, struggles and passion points

Mukiri has immense love for the teens and she uses her free time doing motivational talks and giving back to the youth.

With a huge social media following Mukiri has managed to be a forefront in social media influencing with her immense love for fashion.

She loves reading history books and manages to read at least one book per month.Very adventurous full of life ,loves travelling, cooking too.

Mukiri believes everyone can achieve all you want if you put your mind and effort towards it.

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Facebook: Muthoni Mukiri-Inooro TV
Instagram: Muthoni Wa Mukiri
Twitter: Muthoni Mukiri