Domenic Munene

Presenter (MuugaFM)

Any ardent radio lover will familiarize with Munene popularly known as Wa Kanunkunu for his articulate news presentation.

Driven by passion and hard work, Munene has managed to amass huge audience and reliable sources that are apt in providing information that spice up his bulletins.

Currently, he anchors the breakfast news segment on Muuga FM from 6am to 10am.

Other than the news presentation, Munene produces an education feature program that has gone a long way to educate, inform and enlighten many.

Munene is also a philanthropist and in the process of establishing a home for the homeless (to be due by 2021). He’s also a full time farmer.

A PR scholar, he utilizes his skills to arbitrate and mediate in cases of conflicts and believes in building an image of peace.

He has good command of the French language.

A believer in the power of microphone to transform lives, Munene is a renowned MC and script writer.

Social Media Handles

  • Fb: Munene Wa Kanunkunu
  • IG: domenicmunene
  • Twitter: domenic_munene