Cantona Joseph

Vuuka Muramura Express (Vuuka FM)

Cantona Joseph (Joe), popularly known as Master DJ,Mix Master (MDJ) Papa Izrael is not new to the airwaves and  has been behind the microphone in the media industry for over 16 years both on Secular and Christian Radio stations. Formerly an intern at Vice President Press Service and KBC, Joe says the key to his success has been an unsinkable passion for radio, music and people since his childhood.

Currently, Cantona is working at Vuuka FM where he is the producer and presenter of Vuuka Muramura Express show, a family show that discusses matters of family and how family can grow both financially and holistic,the responsibility of each member in a family setup and good morals in modern society. Being Master DJ,he plays a unique selection of music and his engaging topics remain a must tune-in factor to his loyal fans all over the world.

Radio aside, Cantona is passionate about ministry, he has an audio gospel album and is working on his book “Beauty out of Brokenness” which he is planning to launch soon.

He advocates to people the importance of planning for the future and trusting God in what they are doing at their market place. He believes humble beginnings can move mountains people should not loose hope during there struggle to success.
He uses the power of the microphone to make the world a better place.
Cantona is a champion of agriculture to his funs and online followers and a founder of Muramura Foundation Kenya whose aim is to educate farmers at village level and online the importance of farming, sharing stories about farming at Muramura Foundation Kenya facebook page, teaching and encouraging farmers on how they can make wealth through farming.
He has a website,, where he writes amazing articles motivational, inspirational and Biblical teaching. He runs his YouTube channels Cantona Joseph official for his music ministry and Cantona Joseph Int Online which has his family ministry teachings. His motto is “Impacting families,the hub of hope”. His ultimate goal is impacting families with good values and make them realize their full potential.
He is a Gospel music minister,Event manager,an author, motivational speaker,an innovative script writer, MC and home gardener in chief.
Cantona Joseph remains a trusted minister, to his ever-increasing fan base both on Radio and Online.
His hobbies are, Composing Gospel Music, Swahili poems, Soccer fanatic, Reading, Listening to music, Dancing and Adventure.
He believes,if you want to be successful in life,make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor,caution your elder brother and hope your guardian genius.

Social Media
Twitter: https://www.twitter/CantonaJoseph
Youtube: Cantona Joseph Official & Cantona Joseph Int Online