Muuga FM Farmers’ forum

Muuga FM holds Farmers’ forums twice or thrice every year.

Our aim is to dedicate the day to farmers; equip them with more innovative farming methods and farming products. This is our way of giving back to the community and supporting food security which is among the big four agenda .We consider this a CSR activity for the station.

We had a successful Farmer’s Forum in February, September and planning another in October 31st.

Farmers learnt very important lessons on the modern agribusiness and soil care. Our team of experts elaborated on how farmers are cultivating their crops without caring to know of their soil acidity levels. Farmers had the chance to get their soils tested and some got their results read out to them. Majority had their soils termed as full of acidity, which is an inhibiter of good crop production.600 soil samples for six hundred farmers were tested

Farmers were so happy at the end of the day, and termed the event as a very good and important avenue for them to advance their farming skills. They too promised to support Muuga FM by being our loyal listeners.